Miguel Patra, also known as artist Manpxwerr, is from Almere, The Netherlands. He has been creating portraits and graffiti art on walls, leather jackets, denim jackets, sneakers, and bags for many years. He adds a special "personal touch" to each piece of clothing, making them exclusive and unique.

He has over 15,000 followers on Instagram, and a huge international fan base, including fans from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, the UK, and even South America. This shows that his unique "Manpxwerr touch" is appreciated by both young and old.

Currently, Manpxwerr is working on exciting and large projects. Keep an eye on the website, as the next big thing will happen at "I Love Urban 2023," a big festival organized by Jandino Asporaat. In the future, Manpxwerr will focus on collaborations with museums, art galleries, and large murals.



Manpxwerr creates exclusive designs and personalized items. If you're going through a dark period in your life, Manpowerr will make sure that color is guaranteed to return to your life.


Manpxwerr specializes in creating unique and personalized custom artworks that are highly original and crafted specifically for you. Our team has collaborated with both national and international artists, drawing inspiration from our home base in the Netherlands as well as our diverse and global audience.

Our artworks feature a range of designs including cartoons, English and Dutch texts, and internationally recognized symbols, all aimed at ensuring that you look fresh, unique and make a statement. We take pride in our ability to create pieces that not only showcase your individuality, but also capture the essence of our artistic vision.